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Posted by AwesomeSaurus - May 14th, 2010

I've had a few ideas for threads, ill put them here unti (if) they come to fruition. . .

The NG Art Forum Yearbook

Every year, around october or so, people draw their "likeness" however they see fit. You can then compare your pictures from the years before, and check your improvement. There would also be superlatives:
- most artistic
- art forum clown
- biggest baby
- "dont fuck with me"
- most mysterious
- etc.!

Format would be like yearbook pages (duh!)

Anyone like?
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Posted by AwesomeSaurus - November 7th, 2009


Posted by AwesomeSaurus - August 2nd, 2009

Excellent!! The 11-12 year old group was very successful in creating their papercrafts in the given hour time slot of Arts and crafts this past week! Sadly a bunch of them had "messed up" and needed to grab a new template about halfway through and didn't finish, and now I need to go out and make some more copies, so you can expect more of these later on. Once again, they had tons of fun making these, and I am hoping to find some similar projects to do with them in the future!

Also, I'm absolutely ECSTATIC that I placed in the actual papercraft contest for NG! I really can't thank the judges/ art forum mods / NG in general enough! There were a bunch of really great entries, all very original, and some that were really thinking "outside the box." I can only hope that even though the contest is over, it doesn't mean people will stop making these cool boxy friends.

More Papercrafts!

Posted by AwesomeSaurus - July 25th, 2009

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So ReNaeNae helped me out with bringing the fun of the paper-crafts contest to the kids that I teach for art class in summer recreation, and here is the result of what 9-10 year olds can do in a span of about an hour! Some came out really well, but most of all they had a ton of fun making them, so I can't thank ReNaeNae/Newgrounds enough for bringing this great project to my attention! There are more to come in the next few days!
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Well thanks for reading, awfully kind of ya :p

Kids papercrafts!

Posted by AwesomeSaurus - June 18th, 2009

This whole new art portal thing is off the chain, I'm gonna have to start digging up old COWs and stuff to throw in there! I'm really excited about it, especially being able to search for gallerys of my favorite NG artists without having to stalk through their posts haha. Expect to see a bunch more of my stuff flying through there in the near future!