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Great music, and really well done layout. The intro was sweet too! This is definitely one of the more well organized collabs from the art forum, and I am delighted to have had a picture in it :) very nicely done!

acedareaper responds:

thank you for your review and were happy to have a submission from you in it too.

Madness Day done right.

Great work here! I love the 3-D, and the incredibly fast paced action. Quite the cliffhanger though eh? Hoping to see another one day!

Nostalgic and phenomenal!

I loved the little bits and pieces of the original transformers movie, and the jokes thrown in from the new one! A ton of very well drawn art as well, I think this was a huge success!

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This came out really well, Luis! Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate, definitely want to be involved next year as well!


You should talk to nintendo or sony and get this on PSP or DS!


Well that was actually pretty informative, i never knew you could take flash that way. I guess it would be useful if you want to make a compilation of a series or something and put it on CD or dvd. Anyways, i think your next tutorial should be how to make that awesome mouse tail! I had a few minutes of fun just spinning that around!

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Very imaginative tale, I didn't know you had done this before. Good voice acting jonny, I especially liked the parts where you went high pitched for a line real quick, then smoothly back to narrator. I wish there was more voices though, I bet you would ace them!

bigjonny13 responds:

Hahaha, thanks Saurus. Yeah, the voice changing has become much smoother now due to my, uh, further dabbling with voice acting. Glad you like the high-pitched voice, I think it fully culminates the idea of the n00b who enters the art forum and whines. Sure, I could have done more voices, but I just went followed the script of the original story. But something with more voices sounds fun and would be great to try in the future.


I happen to be a fan of F-Zero, and this does it great justice! I like the way it builds up towards the end, it has a very calming, yet fast paced quality to it. I'll have to check out more of your stuff, this is well done!

getting better with it!

much more body to this one, and i can see that you are putting more effort into the audio, and not just shredding, so keep it up

blackmantis1 responds:

yeah, well i have a problem with crap as soon as i submit it i now think it sucks so... :P

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Vero, your work still amazes me how clean and professional it always looks! This is the first thing I've seen from you in a little while, and I think you're always improving. I really like how you did the shading on this with the lines of the shaded color. Really great work!


Jag, this is mind-boggling. When you posted the preview pic in the contest thread I was expecting something cool, but this was a totally awesome surprise! The idea is very creative, I love how the ghost spirits resemble the characters! I had to kind of search for Bitey at first, and I'm glad he's in there too!

Art related-wise, the coloring is great as always, I'm immediately drawn to the face of the pumpkin as the focus point. Your shading style is top notch and I really enjoy the color choices (especially the blue outline of mr. pumpkin!) I think the only possible qualm I could have with it is the reaching out hand. It looks really thin compared to the other one, but it's probably just me.

Really great job on this, fav'd for sure!

jagondudo responds:

thanks AwesomeSaurus! i was a little worried at first that there would be too much going on, but its interesting how you can lead the viewer with just colors. i like experimenting with things like that. thanks mate!

Honestly, Zane. .

I don't know if you were going for this or not, but I seriously can NOT stop laughing every time I stare at it's face. Really, stare at it for like 30 seconds and don't laugh, I dare you to try!

Art-wise, lines are clean, but could use some smoothing out in areas that seem 'lumpy' if you know what I mean. It could have used some color, but for what it is, it's great!

ZaneZansorrow responds:

It all began one stickam session before, and I doodle an expression because I haven't done much digital art lately but I find the expression too familiar of a cat and then shade and fill out the rest ;D and yeah, an expression like that is hard to keep in lmao xD. yeah I know what cha mean on the lumpy >3>, I'll fix up on that eventually :3

-I'm merely remarking on the paradox of asking a masked man who he is.

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